Innovative Company operating in MEMS and NEMS domain
with smart and proprietary portfolio instruments

We are
an innovative

A Novel Generation of On-chip Gas Analysis and Pressure Instruments

NanoTech Analysis S.r.l. (NTA) was set up in 2013 in Turin as an Italian “Innovative European Start up” operating in the domain of MEMS and NEMS technologies.

Our tecnology

MEMS and NEMS meet Physics and Engineering

Company idea is to “challenge” in the “smartest” way the MEMS and NEMS Semiconductors Industry to realize “complex” Electro Mechanical Analogical devices and our proprietary scientific instrumentation.


Functional and operative competitive advantages:

  • Relevant Dimension and Weight reduction
  • Huge Cost reduction also depending on Applications and Packaging
  • Much Higher Performances than standard devices

NTA patented technology breaks a barrier in the industry of Analytical-Chemical and fluid measurements