Company Structure and Organization

NanoTech Analysis S.r.l. (NTA) was set up in 2013 in Turin as an Italian “Innovative European Start up” operating in the domain of MEMS and NEMS technologies.

NTA owns Patented technologies with the main purpose to develop and launch a Novel technically products’ family in the field of Fluid and Chemical measurements Industry

Patented technology and awards

Awarded with the SME Instruments Phase 1 program from EU with the TOPIC: Engaging SMEs in security research and development inherent to the Specific Program for “secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens“.

Awarded with the FED4SAE program (first classified in our call) in partnership with:

  • CSEM as competence/advanced platform partner for our nano devices’ development;
  • ST as industrial platform partner;
  • Blue morpho as innovation management partner.

NanoTech Analysis
and Laser Line SpA

Since, February 2017 NanoTech Analysis srl is part of Laser line S.p.A
  • Laser line S.p.A is an Italian Holding with a turnover of about 220 M€ in FY16;
  • Laser line has relevant interests in the field of electronics, automations, aeronautics and automotive;
  • The strategic arrival of Laser Line strongly reinforced NTA industrial developments’ plans and strategic initiatives.

Company Mission

We offer the most advanced and performing analytical instruments

measuring ANY volatile molecule in ANY environmental condition directly at molecular level;

Simple and miniature proprietary scientific Instruments processing the “theoretical minimum number of ANY volatile molecules” with the highest customer systems’ simplification:

  • No “huge gas flows required”;
  • No “BIG devices” absorbing KWs, generating DBs of acoustic noise;
  • By-design smart and complete flexibility around Customers’ needs.

NTA patented technology breaks a barrier in the industry of Analytical-Chemical and fluid measurements