Functional and operative competitive advantages
  • Relevant Dimension and Weight reduction
  • Huge Cost reduction also depending on Applications and Packaging
  • Much Higher Performances than standard devices
Instrument Dimension and Weight reduction
  • Dimensions reduced: from ~ m3 to portable ~ cm3 and even miniature ~ mm3 at higher performances (in dependence on the system and application)
  • Weight: reduced from about ~ 100 Kg to ~ kg or even ~ gr in dependence on systems and applications


  • Enabling technologies for universal platforms and large spectrum applications
  • NTA is able to capture values across many industries realizing smart, miniature and high performant nano instruments and devices


Space microsatellites and satellites, gas monitoring for engine, cabinets and wings’ reservoirs leak-check.


Military applications and homeland security: e.g. monitoring of illegal (drugs) and dangerous (explosives) chemical compounds.

Life Science

Portable analytical systems and performances improvements: e.g. human Volatile Organic Compounds monitoring.

Industrial Process

Simplified and high-end analytical device for ANY volatile species: e.g. Pollutants’ hydrocarbons, exhaust gases.


Fuel, engine or exhaust gases monitoring in different vehicle’ sections, on board methane analysis.

NTA patented technology breaks a barrier in the industry of Analytical-Chemical and fluid measurements