MEMS and NEMS meet Physics and Engineering

Our company’s idea is to “challenge” in the smartest way the MEMS and NEMS semiconductors industry to build complex electromechanical analogical devices and our proprietary scientific instrumentation.

Our technology dramatically impacts the paradigm in the industry of chemical and analytical measurements.

Smart miniaturization becomes an “enabling” factor to definitively allow unmet device performances, simplify OEMs’ systems, optimize operations, allow unpredictable integration potential into customers’ measurement systems.

The new technologies developed by the company are meant to solve relevant technological gaps to reach extreme system simplification in the analytical and fluid dynamic measurements industry.


To face our huge challenges and strengthen NTA’s technological road map, we put in place many strategic initiatives to achieve NTA’s development goals.

We established general agreements and dedicated development contracts with some of the most important Universities and research centers as well as high-level semiconductor facilities in Italy and abroad.


NTA patented technology breaks a barrier in the industry
of Analytical-Chemical and fluid measurements